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e Significance of Earning a Black Belt

Congratulations to Our Spring 2021 Black Belts

This isn’t just an accessory, or a participation award. Having a black belt doesn’t mean the wearer simply checked off a to-do list. They didn’t just show up and receive a participation prize. A black belt signifies the understanding of commitment and hard work. A black belt means perseverance and humility.

This year HK Taekwondo saw one of the largest black belt graduating classes in our schools history. These students amazed us in a special way. Through the trials and unknowns of navigating the “new normal” of COVID, our Spring 2021 students fought hard and against all odds and proved that they were ready for this honor. These students transitioned from in-person classes to online and back. They wore masks and social distanced during classes. They went months without touching the mats, or seeing their friends and peers. They prevailed.

Congratulations to our Spring 2021 Black Belts:

Melis Koroglu

Selim Koroglu

Caleb Williams

Isaiah Galvez – 2nd Dan

Bryce Hampton – 2nd Dan

Danica Hampton

Benjamin Sullivan

Aiden Crozier

Sopan Jakolte

Amrith Akshintala

Receiving their black belt is not the end of their Taekwondo journey. It is the foundation of the fundamentals. It is the beginning of a life-long journey, in and out of the studio.

We are so immensely proud of not just our black belt students, but all of the students at HK Taekwondo that have persevered and continued to prove why HK Taekwondo is the best school in Austin.

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