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It is not an uncommon occurrence for students to cry in the studio. Especially in today’s day and circumstance, children are having and harder and harder time with their social development. Weeks and months of COVID quarantine and lockdowns has put a halt on socializing in the prime years of development for so many. We see the effects of lockdown day in and day out at our dojang. First and foremost, we want to tell families- this is completely normal! Your child is navigating a lifestyle we have no personal experiences to help guide them through. COVID has changed the landscape of raising confident, well socialized children. And Taekwondo can help.

At the core of martial arts training, no matter what style, is discipline. One cannot become a good fighter without discipline. It starts with simple tasks like sitting up straight or making eye contact with your instructors. Discipline connects with courtesy when we say “Yes, Sir” and “No. Sir”. Discipline intertwines with controlling and regulating emotions when students learn to step back and think about their words and actions. Discipline helps children build confidence in themselves by giving them the tools they need to navigate new situations.

If your child is shy or has anxiety about social situations starting a new class can seem daunting. Classes are loud, lights are bright, and they are surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Our team prides ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for kids of all ages. Our instructors are friendly and warm, and work in teams to give each child the individual attention they deserve. It can take about 3 weeks for children to warm up to a new environment, sometimes longer depending on their anxiety levels. Our programs are designed to help ease students into feeling confident in themselves.

We offer structure and routine – which are imperative when helping children gain positive self-esteem. Belt-testing rewards their hard work and acknowledges the time and effort they have put in. Most importantly our studio is a safe space for everyone. Our students become quick friends despite their differences, and many play dates have been scheduled within our walls. We have worked hard to build a positive community of athletes and families, who make coming to class fun. We guarantee your child will leave class wishing it was longer – we hear it all the time!

If you find that your child is overly shy, or has trouble being confident in social situations bring them to HK Taekwondo for a trial and let us help them build a great foundation for life.

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